The New Book: Eloquent Tattoo

Eloquent Tattoo, another murderously funny murder mystery from Audrey Lavin with an assist by Edgar Allen Poe.

"Lap swimming, the work of Edgar Allan Poe, and a simmering romance are amateur sleuth Mary Beth Goldberg's unlikely but invaluable tools as she confronts her latest mystery. Her native ingenuity figures in as well, and when author Audrey Lavin throws in a few slices of pizza and a handful of eccentric college students, these all add up to become the ingredients for irresistible storytelling!"
Akiko Busch
- Nine Ways to Cross a River

"Eloquent is the title, elegant and murderously amusing is this academic mystery. The third in Lavin's eloquent 'whodunit?' series, Eloquent Tattoo is another fun read."
Rhys Bowen
- Agatha prize winner, author of Naughty in Nice, the fifth Royal Spyness mystery.