Previously Published Books

Turning Leaves

Turning Leaves, an Illuminating Anthology of Poetry and Prose is now available! Sparkling with the wit and wisdom of thirty northeastern Ohio writers, the book is edited by Audrey with help from co-editor Dr. Ray Gehani. You will find three of Audrey's humorous travel pieces in the creative non-fiction section.

"The immense talent displayed by the writers included in Turning Leaves will delight your mind and touch your heart. The diverse voices of America fill this book. It sings."
Robb Hankins
- President and CEO

"Turning Leaves should remind readers that Northeast Ohio is lucky to have a deep, broad, talented assembly of working writers and poets-and if you didn't know it before, this book will convince you. Vivid images, flashes of insight, witnesses to history-the book captures it all."
David Lewellen
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Eloquent Corpse

Eloquent Corpse, a murder mystery, is second in Dr. Audrey Lavin's "eloquent series". Can Professor Mary Beth Goldberg solve a murder that takes place at "Write On, Ohio," an Ohio writers conference? Of course, she can. The clever plot and affectionate satirization are based on Lavin's own experiences at such conferences.

"Lavin has done it again. Eloquent Corpse, the sequel to Eloquent Blood, is a murderously funny mystery (and satire). Think Agatha Christie with a dash of Janet Evanovich. You'll laugh out loud as a group of eccentrics stumble toward solving the crimes."
Art Shay
- Prize winning photographer & author of Nelson Algren's Chicago.

"Mary Beth is invited to a writers conference where she finds the participants as hard to handle as Turkish camel wrestlers. Everyone has an agenda and murder is high on the list. A witty dissection of literary gatherings with a dash of romance."
Mary Grimm
- Author of Stealing Time.

"Lavin has borrowed my name for a minor character in her joyous romp through an exciting murder mystery. In Eloquent Corpse, she goes where no author has gone before and cleverly links authentic experiences in Turkey to a delightfully evil writers conference in Ohio."
Dr. Seckin Ergin
- Author of the American Novel: 1900-1950.

Eloquent Blood

Eloquent Blood is Audrey's first academic murder mystery. Lavin knows the college and writing scenes. She has taught in English departments similar to Midfield Campus College (see Eloquent Blood and 'soon' Eloquent Tattoo) colleges where murders may or may not have taken place.

"Eloquent Blood is a smart, playful, old-fashioned murder mystery full of modern twists. Audrey Lavin breathes life and flavor into small town Ohio."
Susan Coll
- Author of Rockville Pike.

"Forget the term 'ivory tower.' The Ohio college faculty people in Audrey Lavin's mordantly hilarious Eloquent Blood don't have their heads in the clouds at all. No, they spend their energies on down-to-earth endeavors: lying, cheating--and killing."
David Stout
- Edgar Award-winning author of Carolina Skeletons

Made in Ohio: Poetry and Prose

Made in Ohio: Poetry and Prose is Dr. Lavin's first anthology of Ohio writers, many of whom were active in The Spoken Word Series of public readings in Canton, OH.

"Features writers with strong Ohio connections, this collection ranges from haiku to sonnet, from lyric to narrative. The writings are incisive and evocative, often reflective of the personal and everyday experiences....This is a delightful collection"
Kenneth N. Hamilton, Jr.
- President, Walsh University

"Regional writing at its best emphasizes the particularity of time and place, and this collection does exactly that."
Mary K. Kirtz
- Professor of English and Director of Canadian Studies, The University of Akron

E.M. Forster's Pattern & Rhythm

E. M. Forster's Pattern & Rhythm demonstrates the ways Edward Morgan Forster builds his English novels (A Room with a View, Where Angels Fear to Tread, The Longest Journey, and Howard's End) by consciously using his literary theories of pattern and rhythm.
- Aspects of the Novelist

"Lavin's discussion of pattern and rhythm in Forster's novels is ambitious and stimulating. It persuasively relates Forster the novelist to Forster the literary critic, and it demonstrates the intrinsic connection between artistic form and moral theme in his fiction."
Robert Ornstein
- Oviatt Professor, Case Western Reserve University, author of Shakespeare Comedies: From Roman Farce to Romantic Mystery.

" important new view of Forster's basic concepts and of his application of them to his own earliest novels...a balanced and rewarding insight into Forster's critical and fictional achievement. It belongs in all major libraries and in those of specialists on the twentieth-century novel."
Burton R. Pollin
- Professor Emeritus, City University of New York, author of Discoveries in Poe

E.M. Forster Critical Study

Published by Unviversidad de Alcalá de Henares. Now out of print.